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Dom Roberjot
Dom Roberjot June 20, 2022
Updated 2022/06/21 at 2:25 PM
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Rio Health was established more than 30 years ago when the founding members discovered the power of the South American botanicals. They were so impressed, they decided to share these gifts of nature with the rest of the world!


Today Rio Health, specialises in South American botanicals including Pau d’Arco, Suma, Yerba Maté and Guaraná, offering a selection of high quality, whole-plant botanicals and extracts, and superfoods including Maca, Graviola (soursop), and Quebra Pedra. The original Rio Amazon collection also includes tropical teas and the award-winning, vegan Rio Rosa Mosqueta natural skincare products. The Rio Health tinctures, including Cat’s Claw, Manayupa (Burbur) and Stevia launched in 2020.


Our mission is to bring some of the wonderful natural healing plants from South America and we are looking for distributors to help us share the benefits with the rest of the world.


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