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Dom Roberjot March 29, 2023
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We know that every plant can express its maximum performance only if in balance with the environment. That’s why our products combine the potential of microorganisms with nutritional matrices to increase plant productivity while reducing the environmental impact.


We have been active in the nutrition market for many years and get our vital energy from our passion and respect for nature. (Green biotechnology) Green biotechnology is a synthesis of our values and objectives because we use our knowledge (know-how) in microbiology to create products that support modern agriculture and protect the environment.




We promote innovation and competitiveness in the biotechnology sector, providing technologies and solutions capable of responding to individual and collective emerging needs, as well as finalizing development projects in order to strengthen competitiveness, making the best use of scientific methodology a necessary and indispensable contribution.


Our Laboratory represents the heart of research & development and plays a central role in our strategy. It is a state-of-the-art laboratory in the sector and is composed of a team of researchers working full-time on research projects aimed at developing new, innovative, and zero-residue formulations.


The activity of the project follows the same principles as those who created this company: to offer innovative solutions for the care and nutrition of plants and for the protection of the environment.


The main objective of the project is the research (isolation, genomic and phenomic characterization) and selection of various beneficial microorganisms as potential bio fertilizing, biocontrol, and phytoremediation agents, useful for sustainable and outstanding agriculture. These biotechnologies are aimed at stimulating the natural defenses of plants and preserving soil fertility from erosion and desertification.


The international markets targeted by these products are booming and their use will change the ‘old’ concept of farming.


Our innovation
The performance of products based on beneficial micro-organisms (PGPR) has always been a limiting factor when using this technology.


However, through applied research, metagenomic studies, and the selection of more efficient and resistant strains, this gap has been reduced. Apart from simply classifying strains, our research has focused on how to improve the survival of the selected micro-organisms, in different environments and in different types of soil, by investigating the multitrophic and multitasking aspects. This is the real added value of an innovative company, mainly due to the large investments in research.


Selection process
Selection of the most aggressive strains that are resistant to extreme climatic conditions (UV, temperature, soil).


Genetic characterisation
Regular and consistent product performance under various soil and climate conditions.


Activation process
Fast and efficient response after application.


MICRO ACTIVE COMPLEX® is a unique combination of growth-promoting fungi and bacteria and a mix of selected and dosed natural organic matrices in different formulations. The combination of specific microbial strains with synergistic properties amplifies the ability of the individual strains to exert their individual actions on the cultivation.


How probiotic microorganisms work
The defense of agricultural production against pathogens is crucial for safeguarding production efficiency and product quality and involves ensuring food safety while at the same time increasing the sustainability of production processes.


The availability of healthy organic or zero residue agricultural products, obtained in production processes that respect the soil and the environment, the safety conditions of operators, and the final consumer, represents the real challenge of modern agriculture.


The concept of biological control, from which the term Bío-control originates, is based on the opportunity to contrast plant pathogens with their own antagonists.


Our products:


Products for agriculture MSBIOTECH
MSBIOTECH products are characterized by a consortium of growth promoting microorganisms, with probiotic action, which by coming into contact with the plant increase its growth potential and at the same induce its natural resistance against pathogenic antagonists.


MSBIOTECH offers a complete range of products ranging from microbiological biostimulants and inoculations of mycorrhizal fungi to nutrition products to finish with fertigation, special foliar and microelements.


Nutrigenera Line


For garden and vegetable garden care

From MSBIOTECH’s experience comes the Nutrigenera line specially developed for vegetable and garden care to meet consumers’ needs seeking effective, sustainable and safe solutions for people, environment and pets.




Management of bioremediation activities on contract (either directly, or only managing the operational part related to the products supply, assistance and analysis) or only supplying products.


Activities of: Assistance for permits and Microbiological Investigation. The traditional technologies of Bioremediation and Phytoremediation are enhanced by the use of special microorganism cultivations, mycorrhizas, plant essences, correct microbiological and agronomic management and technological devices.


Odours and hygiene
Innovative products based on natural micro-organisms useful for Septic and Imhoff tanks, Deodorization, Hygiene and Sanitary.


Technical assistance activities for their use.

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